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An avalanche of letters in one day…again!

The Times-Standard’s opinion pages are exploding with support for Chris Kerrigan and his vision for the 4th District!

Kerrigan endorsed by the California United Homecare Workers

Eureka, CA – The California United Homecare Workers (CUHW) voted to endorse Chris Kerrigan for Humboldt County 4th District Supervisor last Sunday night.

Affiliated with AFSCME and SEIU, CUHW is a statewide labor organization representing over 20,000 home care workers within California’s IHSS program in 25 counties. They fight to secure and improve the social, economic and political conditions of those who provide care for California’s most vulnerable population, the elderly and persons living with disabilities.

After hearing from both candidates, CUHW voted to endorse Chris Kerrigan as the candidate who will work the hardest for fair wages and a better quality of life.

Vivian Deniston, Humboldt Chapter Chair for CUHW, said, “Our community must value the disabled, the elderly, and veterans as much as the people who care for them. Chris Kerrigan believes that our providers deserve to have better wages for the important work that they do, serving those in need. We enthusiastically endorse Chris Kerrigan for 4th District Supervisor.”

Said Kerrigan, “I am honored to have the endorsement of the California United Homecare Workers. I believe that in-home support services are critical. These workers also deserve a fair wage.”

For more information about the Kerrigan for Supervisor campaign visit or

The flood continues as letters pour in!

The Times-Standard is doing an admirable job keeping up with and printing so many letters in support of Chris Kerrigan.

Eight letters in support of Chris were printed in one day!

Bass’ idea for the future? Just look at the Downtowner
John Wynands, Mad River
Times-Standard 05/25/2014

“If you want to see the future that Virginia Bass has in mind for the 4th District, you need to drive by Seventh and F streets in Eureka and take a good look at the Downtowner Motel.”

This is no personality contest: Vote Kerrigan
Xandra Manns, Eureka
Times-Standard 05/25/2014

“This is not a personality contest. Both candidates are lovely, youthful, vivacious, active and open to polite conversation. The difference is one of them is actually seeking answers to the problems we have in Eureka and is open to suggestions that will help.”

Focus on the issues: Vote for Kerrigan
Aunna Bollmann, Eureka
Times-Standard 05/25/2014

“Chris Kerrigan offers us a change of direction on the Board of Supervisors. Virginia Bass does not want you to focus on the distinct difference in the votes that Chris would cast or the appointments he would make, so her campaign is attempting to put the focus on the time Chris spent working in Iowa on behalf of a Democratic presidential candidate.”

Kerrigan has vision for Humboldt County
Tedd Childs, Arcata
Times-Standard 05/25/2014

“Chris has the vision and experience to make this happen. When he served on the city council, a local citizen alerted him to the fact that CalTrans wanted to sell the Annie B Ryan house to a developer who wanted to tear it down. Chris convinced the city to purchase it, and the house is being restored thanks to CR’s historical preservation program. This is the type of positive, community-focused leadership the county needs.”

Kerrigan the better bet for 4th District
Charles Milton, Bayside
Times-Standard 05/25/2014

“Kerrigan has the necessary experience with eight years on the Eureka City Council and would be a much better bet to be responsive to the needs of the people in Humboldt County.”

Vote Kerrigan: Elections are about values, not popularity
Bob Service, Eureka
Times-Standard 05/25/2014

“Urban areas subsidize rural sprawl with higher taxes for infrastructure, underwriting the mini-ranches of the well-to-do. But worse, converting resource land to residential is also a form of climate change denial. Residences sprawling into increasing dry rural areas endanger lives and raise the cost of fire suppression. We cannot afford office holders whose values and funders require denial of climate change.”

This senior supports Kerrigan
Sandra Little, Eureka
Times-Standard 05/25/2014

“The Senior Coalition of Humboldt County is trying to get Eureka to be more pedestrian friendly. Chris was also talking about this years ago. It’s still a priority for him, and I believe that Chris will be a great asset to us seniors in actually getting things done. People need to feel that they are safe in their neighborhoods. This is especially true for seniors. If we don’t feel safe crossing the streets it narrows our world. Chris will work on calming traffic and making our neighborhoods safer and more pedestrian friendly for elders and everyone else.”

Kerrigan represents true Democratic values
Patrick Riggs, Eureka
Times-Standard 05/25/2014

“As the past chair of the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee, I support Chris Kerrigan wholeheartedly for election as our 4th District supervisor because he represents true Democratic values.”